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We are a full service brokerage offering Canadians the chance at home ownership and the very best mortgage products. Whether you're looking to purchase or refinance residential or commercial real estate, we have a solution that will make you happy.

Jennifer Woodley

Owner, Manager, Mortgage Broker
Phone: 604-626-3278

Email: info@jenwoodley.com

Website: www.jenwoodley.com

Richard Earles

Private Mortgage Specialist, Owner

Phone: 604-318-0837

Email: mortgages@richardearles.com

Website: www.valleyfinancialmortgages.com

Jessie Lavoie

Senior Mortgage Broker

Phone: 604-836-9268

Email: jessie@jessielavoie.com

Website: www.jessielavoie.com

Meet The Team

Ken Weibe

Senior Mortgage Broker

Phone: 778-808-9911

Email: info@kenweibe.com

Website: www.kenweibe.com

Jason Parker

Mortgage Broker

Phone: 778-896-6947

Email: jasonparker@dominionlending.ca

Website: www.foryourbestinterest.ca

Michael Atkinson

Senior Mortgage Broker

Phone: 778-554-4556

Email: matkinson@dominionlending.com

Website: www.matkinson.ca

Hailey Motherwell

Mortgage Broker

Phone: 604-446-5942

Email: hailey@mortgagesbyhailey.com

Website: www.mortgagesbyhailey.com

Parm Rattan

Mortgage Broker

Phone: 778-898-9242

Email: parmrattan@dominionlending.ca

Website: www.parmrattan.com

Greg Ero

Mortgage Broker


Email: gregory.ero@dominionlending.ca

Website: www.gregoryero.ca

Mark Dana

Mortgage Broker

Phone: 604-614-6401

Email: mdana@dominionlending.ca

Website: www.markdanamortgages.ca

Sandi McLatchy

Mortgage Broker

Phone: 604-837-0570

Email: sandim@dominionlending.ca

Website: www.sandimclatchy.ca

Jon Rogers

Mortgage Broker

Phone: 778-999-5296

Email: jonrogers@dominionlending.ca

Website: www.jonyourmortgageguy.ca

Ned Gubric

Mortgage Broker

Phone: 604-240-0020

Email: info@nedgubric.com

Website: www.nedgubric.ca

Tammy Poirier

Mortgage Broker

Phone: 604-329-5885

Email: tpoirier@dominionlending.ca

Website: www.tammypoirier.ca

Kimberly Walker

Mortgage Broker

Phone: 778-828-6186

Email: kimwalker1@live.com

Website: www.walkermortgages.ca

Shalvin Prasad

Mortgage Broker

Phone: 778-773-3334

Email: shalvin.prasad@dominionlending.ca

Website: www.shalvinprasad.ca

Darrel Anderson

Mortgage Broker

Phone: 604-765-2532

Email: darrel@darrelanderson.com

Website: www.darrelanderson.com

Owen Lavèn

Mortgage Broker

Phone: 604-765-2532

Email: Owen@brokerwest.ca

Website: www.owenlaven.ca

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